Core Competencies

Core public health competencies are the set of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and abilities that are common to all public health professionals and fundamental to delivering core public health services. Generic core competencies provide a baseline for what is required to fulfill public health system core functions.

In 2008, the Public Health Agency of Canada released the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada 1.0. Building upon these core competencies, which apply to all professionals within public health, many disciplines have started developing their own specific core competencies.

OPHLA has created a set of discipline-specific set of competencies for the field of public health librarianship which define the pivotal role of information professionals in public health practice. and identifies the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for professionals in the role of the public health information professional.

View OPHLA's Core Competencies for Public Health Librarianship (PDF, 308k)